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We look for diversity, intellectual capability, personal passion and motivation. At McGill Consulting Group, we hire top talent from around the world, who are immersed into diverse client projects from day one.

Business Analyst:


Engagement Manager



Business Analyst:

At each client engagement, business analysts are responsible for part of the problem solving process at McGill Consulting Group. They normally undertake diverse activities such as primary research, research implementation and analysis of research methods.

As an important member of the team, a business analyst contributes to final reports and recommendations, along with presenting their findings and research to senior staff.

Business Analysts are normally fresh graduates, who have shown leadership in University, have stellar academic records, and are highly analytical in their problem-solving. When Business Analysts are ready for the next level of responsibility, they become Associates.


Associates combine their technical and analytical skills, to deliver results to clients. They are responsible for overseeing the work of the Analysts, and they employ creativity in their solutions. Associates normally serve different clients from a various range of industries.

Armed with their extensive level of training, Associates develop a broad set of foundational knowledge and problem-solving skills . They form recommendations from research, present to senior staff, and implement their findings for each client engagement.

Associates are generally either promoted Business Analysts, or new hires with graduate degrees (such as an MBA or a specialized Masters degree).

Engagement Manager

Engagement managers oversee the day-to-day activities of the engagement team. They ensure that each client engagement is on track, and that the team are delivering results. Engagement managers are the pivotal connection between the client and the firm, as they become owners of the client problem.


Once Associates have built a specific level of skills and expertise, and are ready for the next level of responsibility, they become Engagement Managers.


Principals are inspirational team leaders, who drive change around the firm. They motivate the team, and are Partners-in-training. A significant part of their role, is to mentor and lead Analysts, Associates and Engagement Managers.

Principals create and develop new strategies, new ways of thinking and optimize techniques and methods for the firm.


Partners drive the firm and entire organization to success. They become high-performing industry leaders and ensure that the organization continues to fulfill its values and mission statement.

Partners are elected from within the firm. However, we also select partners with substantial corporate experience externally.